Arts, culture, politics, other stuff. That should just about cover it, don’t you think?

THE NEXT TEN WORDS is an electronic magazine covering American culture, starting in Minnesota and working our way out from there. Like any good and responsible publication, NTW is a mirror for society, reflecting just what we see. Often times that reflection will be a crisp clear vision that sparkles and smells vaguely of ammonia. Sometimes you’ll see some spots as we point out the imperfections of life. Other times you’ll look in the mirror and think you’re in a carnival funhouse. You might see something as distorted because we are not shy about offering our opinions. Hopefully, however, those distortions will go in every direction. What you see as distorted, another person will find thoughtful, another person will find right on, and another person will find debatable. We look at things from all angles, and encourage our readers to engage us in civil conversation.

Some of you are asking, “How is Minnesota the center of the universe?” Well, that’s simple. This is where we are based, and it’s where most of the founding staff lives (one of us is in Northern Iowa and has been claimed as an honorary Minnesotan whether she likes it or not). Minnesota is what is immediately in front of us, so there will always be an Upper Midwest/Northland flavor to our content. But we hail from all over the Western Hemisphere. Our staff is native to places like San Diego, California, and Manchester, England. We have lived in the flatlands of Illinois, the sandy shores of Virginia Beach, the high desert of New Mexico, and the rolling hills of central Ohio. Our perspective reaches from Rome, Italy to Louisville, Kentucky. And through the miracles of modern technology, it is possible to cover cultural, social, and political topics all over the world from anywhere in the world. Minnesota is our epicenter because this is where our feet touch the ground. But, to paraphrase Pete Townshend, we can see for miles and miles and miles.

And yes, the name is a reference to The West Wing (see: Season Four, episode six, ‘Game On.’) Thanks to Aaron Sorkin for an amazing idea.

THE NEXT TEN WORDS offers a unique perspective that we expect you’ll find interesting. Our writers are among the most talented in the world that you have never heard of. We cover the things we find interesting and the things we love. Life is a journey, filled with potholes, great meals at weird restaurants, incredible music played on urban street corners, and rules set by both the corrupt and the noble. There is a lot to talk about, so let’s get to it.