The List – Biographies of White Guys

By Katy Epler | December 13, 2017 |

…the author started working and realized he had enough material for two volumes [on Tennessee Williams]… Almost mercifully, he passed away before he was able to finish it.

The List – Carrie Brownstein and the ‘Modern Girl’

By Katy Epler | October 6, 2017 |

I knew Brownstein primarily from Portlandia, the hilarious sketch television show on the IFC channel. But she was also a founder of the seminal Riot Grrrl band Sleater-Kinney in 1996…who knew? A lot of people, apparently.

The List – An introduction

By Katy Epler | August 23, 2017 |

I’m currently reading my way through every annual best-of list of books that Entertainment Weekly magazine has published since the magazine was launched in 1990.

‘Scaffold’ Does Not Belong There

By Rich Larson | June 30, 2017 |

Art is among the best expressions of free speech. I am always bothered, and often outraged, when an artist comes under fire. Art is a necessary part of society because it can challenge our beliefs and our norms. In a free society, we must constantly question authority. Art is an excellent means of delivering those questions. But in this case an exception must be made…

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