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The Column of Disquiet – Earth Burger Finally Opened, So We Had to Go to The Mall (Fear and Loathing 2: Electric Boogaloo)*

It’s no longer a vibrant shade of red; now, 18 years later, it’s maroon. The shirt itself is made from a little bit softer of cotton, and seems to be a little more flattering in its cut, and the design itself appears to be a little smaller, or at least, a little more reserved in its appearance. But there it is—a ‘White Pony’ Deftones t-shirt.

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The Column of Disquiet – You Pulled Me Through Time

Maybe it’s just me, but I’d like there to be at least some meaning or story behind the thing that I am more than likely paying quite a bit of money for, that is being permanently etched into my skin. I suppose this is how people end up with tribal designs or barbed wire on their biceps, or portraits of a naked woman riding a flaming boner

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