Kevin Krein

The Column of Disquiet – Starship 2000

There’s no introductory course or informational session regarding the Defeat of Jesse James Days—if you’re born and raised in Northfield, Minnesota, you just know it. Year after year, from your childhood into adulthood, for a handful of days in early September, it is a part of you.

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The Column of Disquiet – Earth Burger Finally Opened, So We Had to Go to The Mall (Fear and Loathing 2: Electric Boogaloo)*

It’s no longer a vibrant shade of red; now, 18 years later, it’s maroon. The shirt itself is made from a little bit softer of cotton, and seems to be a little more flattering in its cut, and the design itself appears to be a little smaller, or at least, a little more reserved in its appearance. But there it is—a ‘White Pony’ Deftones t-shirt.

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