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From her home in Waverly, Iowa, Rachel Wohrlin is the copy editor and proof reader for THE NEXT TEN WORDS, to the great relief of the publisher and managing editor. Rachel is also a contributing writer from time to time. Contact her at rachelnexttenwords@gmail.com

Kevin and Annabelle

Kevin Krein writes 'The Column of Disquiet' for THE NEXT TEN WORDS. He has been operating the award winning music blog, Anhedonic Headphones, since 2013, and he contributed the back page column to the Southern Minn Scene magazine for roughly three years. His writing has appeared on Bearded Gentlemen Music, Spectrum Culture, and in River Valley Woman. Contact him at @KevEFly

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Daniel G. Moir is the music editor for THE NEXT TEN WORDS. He also writes album reviews and the 'Dancing About Architecture' music column. He is a freelance writer, musician, part-time DJ and baseball enthusiast. Mostly, though, he is among the most passionate music fans and aficionados of our times. He can be contacted at @DMoir5150.

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Ryan Oldham is a native of Manchester, England. Despite the fact that he is a huge supporter of Manchester United, he has chosen to become a citizen of the United States. He is both the lead political and English Premier League correspondent for THE NEXT TEN WORDS. Ryan can be contacted at ryanoldhamntw@gmail.com.



Sara Larson is the social media director and a contributing writer to THE NEXT TEN WORDS. She can be contacted at saralarsonntw@gmail.com


Rich Larson is the publisher and managing editor of THE NEXT TEN WORDS. If you would like to advertise with us, he would surely like to talk with you. He can be contacted at richlarson@nexttenwords.com.