EPL Week 2 – Huddersfield Up, West Ham Down, but really it’s all about United

Manchester United are still top of the table, have scored eight in two, and every “Top Six” team has already dropped points. Of course, it’s only early doors and I don’t want to get too carried away, but this Manchester United side might be the greatest of all time ever.
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The English Premier League – A Cheat Sheet

After my first Premier League recap, I realized that a lot of language I used was—quite literally—foreign to those not versed in the world of soccer and the English Premier League. Namely the editor, Rich Larson, said that he didn’t understand a word.
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The English Premier League Returns: a first week review

This opening weekend produced goals, unexpected events and wardrobe choices to shock the nation, and ended on Sunday with Manchester United at the top of the league
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